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Steps of How You Should Use Mala Beads in Your Meditation

For hundreds of years, mala beads have been known to be very vital in meditation. They started as tools of religion prayers for Hindus and Buddha. Nowadays, people all over the world have learned the importance of meditation beads to boost their focus while practicing meditation. For the best experiences in the art of meditation, you should ensure you should be accurately focused and peaceful. The use of meditation beads in daily meditation activities like yoga is to improve the focus during such practices. The following guidelines are vital if you want to know how you can perform mala beads meditation.

The first step is to ensure you are aware of your meditation goal. There are numerous reasons why people choose to meditate. Your goal for the meditation will aid you in choosing the right mala beads for the meditation. For example there are mala beads for love, peace, and other functions. Your reason for the meditation is also essential to choose the word of affirmation ‘mantra’ of your meditation. Just like there are several mala beads of meditation, the mantras also differ based on the reason for meditation.

Secondly, make sure you have an excellent meditation location and position. Your site should be free of any disturbances so that you can have quality meditation time. A suitable meditation location should be quiet and with some degree of privacy to avoid interruptions during the meditation. A cross-legged sitting position is the ultimate meditation position while ensuring that there is comfort in the sitting position. It is advisable that you should sit on a cushion, blanket or any other comfortable material to provide comfort hence long meditation time.

Thirdly, your comfort should be of great importance when seeking the best meditation breathing practices. The most used breathing method is whereby an individual breathes in deeply through the mouth and breathe out through the mouth. Breathing out through the mouth should also be in unison with you mantras. You should be holding the mala beads on the right hand strategically at the middle finger during the mediation. The thumb finger is then used to slowly turn the meditation beads one bead at a time along the middle finger while making the affirmation chants.

The final tip is to stop the affirmation chants when you reach the summit bid. In case you want to go for another round of meditation, you should rotate the mala beads and go to the opposite direction rather than jumping the summit bead. Your breathing should be observed at regular instances especially at the end of the meditation cycle to ensure it is optimal. How long the meditation process continues depends on your personal needs.

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